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Traveling to the red planet is on the mind of everyone especially with the current news release that a shuttle has been sent to Mars and it will land in almost six months.

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Space Cadet,All valid points to be sure. But one thing conadcerns me. This Gore feladlow talks a great game, but wasn’t he the god daemnd vice presadiaddent of this counadtry for 8 years already?How many f-ing trees did he save back in his home state? This guy has been at the sumadmit of US poladiadtics for frigadgin decades and only now that he has been sideadlined, he wants to save the planet?Or maybe he has always wanted to save the planet but was so inept at pushading poladicy that Clinton/ Conadgress decided to brush Kyotoa0aside?The horadror!Nah — he’s all talk and slobber.I do hope hea0runs.


“The world’s popaduadlaadtion is explodading due to Repubadliadcan poliadcies, and by 2050 will reach 9.1 biladlion, this will unbdoutadedly increase the demand for energy, water, food and internets.”should all poor peoadple have aboradtions? global warmading hysadteadria is mostly hot air (paraddon the pun) but hmmadmmm space cadet…you might be on to something…


a.Why are Near Earth Objects(NEO'S) important? A near Earth obcejt is an asteroid, comet, or meteroid whose orbit takes it within a close proximity to Earth. By definition near Earth obcejts have orbits that lie between .983 and 1.3 astronomical units(AU) away from the Sun. The first known NEO, 433 Eros, was visited by the APLbuilt Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Shoemaker spacecraft in 2001. A second NEO, 25143 Itokawa, was visited by the Japanese Hayabusa spacecraft in 2005. The compositions of NEOs cover a range from icy obcejts that have spent billions of years at temperatures of 50 K or less to metallic shards that originated at the heart of a molten mini-planet. There is obvious interest in NEOs in order to understand the threat they pose and the resources they promise, but they carry a rich bounty of scientific information as well.Asteroids and comets preserve information about the earliest times in solar system history, information long lost from larger planets that have experienced volcanoes, erosion, and tectonic events.NEOs provide a bridge between the macroplanetaryscale studies of small bodies and the microlaboratoryscale studies of meteorites. All meteorites are NEOs until they enter the atmosphere , so NEOs offer the opportunity to study much larger versions of meteorites under pristine conditions.Some NEOs are easier to reach than the Moon, and a typical NEO is much easier to reach than a typical main-belt asteroid. Objects that formed at a variety ofsolar distances currently find themselves in near-Earth space, and a current orbit, combined with physical properties, can give a good sense of where an obcejt originated, which allows study of these nearby obcejts to gain insight into the outer reaches of the solar system. The most interesting endgame for NEOs, at least for most humans, is Earth impact. The Earth is under constant bombardment from a rain of extraterrestrialmaterial. In a typical year, Earth is impacted by 54 tons of material, most of it the size of dust grains, that does not penetrate deeper than the high atmosphere. However, Earth is hit with obcejts the weight of dollar coins or heavier roughly 100 times a day. Objects the size of marbles burn up in the atmosphere and are responsiblefor meteors, or “shooting stars,” which can occur either randomly or in periodic, predictable meteor showers. Chair- to table-sized obcejts often strike Earth after spectacular fireballs, and fragments can survive to reach the ground as meteorites.The study of meteorites has given us profound insights into the earliest times of solar system history and the processes that continue on parent bodies to this day. Becausemeteorites were necessarily NEOs for some period of time until they impacted Earth, the NEO population should reflect the meteorite population as well as the asteroid (and comet) populations from which they were originally drawn. The extent to which the NEO population differs from these other populations can be used to understand the biases in discovery and the relative importance of delivery mechanisms. Dynamical studies have recently provided a statistical means of tracing NEOs back to their source regions. The result is a set of probabilities associating a given obcejt with a givenpart of the solar system, which can be combined with other evidence to provide a most likely formation location for each body. This, in turn, allows scientific study of NEOs to provide context for both the meteorites studied in terrestrial laboratories and the regions of the solar system where they originated.


A two-phase program to dsoeivcr and characterize the near-earth asteroids is an essential prerequisite to sending human beings to these bodies.First we must dsoeivcr them and do the necessary groundbased observing to characterize the asteroids in a prelimnary fashion.Second,several asteroids need to be explored by precursor robotic missions for imagery,spectroscopy,structural information and sample returns from exploitable asteroids.In situ exploration is necessary to validate and to expand upon what we can learn from groundbased observations.Are the surfaces of NEA's covered with powdery regolith or are they bare rock,metal or rock-metal mixtures?If there is a regolith,how deep it is?Are the surfaces homogeneous in composition or is there a geological structure.These and many other questions would be addressed with precursor robotic missions. Several missions would be needed to sample the many different classes of asteroids and the differing materials that are to be found on different classes.Multi-asteroid rendezvous missions for NEA typically requires large delta V budgets and or long flight times.An overall exploration strategy would include the following elements: After an extensive survey of the NEA from Mars vehicle,the crew would select a number of scientific sites for detailed investigation using the EVA suit and PMU combination.After transit to the surface,the exploration team would em place an anchoring network and perform intensive field work.Short hops to adjacent areas would broaden the sample collection and take advantage of new dsoeivcries.Operations would then shift to another scientific site.Suit limitations would impose an 8-hr EVA stay-time on the surface crew,but by using alternating teams on successive days,a comprehensive exploration of the surface of a small NEA could be accomplished in about two weeks. Such a strategy would be well within our experience base.During Apollo,the astronauts demonstrated just the sort of field exploration capacity required for an NEA mission.Human NEA exploration is within the projected astronaut operational capability contemplated for SEI.However,there are unresolved issues associated with deep space flight: human adaptation to micro-g,life support,crew interaction and human factors and space radiation hazards.All must be confronted and solved by any Mars exploration effort and are not unique to NEA missions.The technology developments required for NEA: EVA suits,nuclear propulsion,telerobotics,zero-g counter-measures,radiation effects and shielding,automated rendezvous and docking of large spacecraft and other human factors involved in a long duration space flight.Assuming these problems can be solved,the development of a Mars transportation capability will inherently provide the means for safe and practical NEA exploration missions

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