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I can appreciate that, but I don't think it's a compelling policy point. There are a lot of other big exciting projects to inspire us

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Things change.

We could begin colonization mars in about four years. It does not even require a national commitment. A single company has already developed the vehicles for all stages of the missions. The first group of several dozen researchers could be fully supplied at a reasonable and sustainable rate while researching ISRU for independent colonists. Once that's done, settlement can begin and financing could be available so that anyone could go... not just the rich.

There is plenty of wealth waiting for them. A single bank could finance the whole project and earn a profit every year of operation because their are plenty of people willing to make mars a new home. Financed properly every person going to mars would become a millionaire the moment they step onto the planet so they would have the resources to be part of the planets economic development.

With the right attitude we could have a colony of over 1000 colonists on mars in less than 50 years. 5000 in a hundred. A million in 200 years.

Or we could just sit here and talk about how impossible it all is.

One dragon could land six person-years of supplies on mars for about $150m. If they can extract just water that would extend to 24 person-years for the same cost. Assuming energy, you can replace oxygen resupply so it's even longer.

Once settlement starts the entire cost is self financed for a profit.

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it may be nice to have a way to go mars for regular folks someday.


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Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System.Mars has approximately half the radius of Earth.From all of the planets only Mars is right option for the human living.Its climate ,geology, atmosphere, air etc are support for the life of human.

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