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That's a very convincing argument, particularly in terms of how onerous a burden it would be to operate resupply missions for the lifetimes of the colonists.

The point about using the money to help people on Earth is also well taken.

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totally agree - By eliminating the charge to carriage abundant ammunition and accessories for the acknowledgment journey, costs could be bargain by 80% or more.


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I think our Earth is the best :)


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The fact that there are plenty of people who might volunteer, as Paul rightly says, does not mean that it would be right to indulge them.


Your definition of on shore off shore winds makes no sense. If winds are designated by where they originate then off shore would be anocean breeze as it originates off

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It is really mere imagination of person seeking the world outside..The universe is really big that we humans could not finish understanding the facts and reality about the WORLD??

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That is a good argument made. I like that. Describing about the galaxy has made idead more clear. I like the blog. Nice blog.


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Standing by the tree, the building showed some kind of refined dignity and self-restriction. This kind of respect for life in return gave the building life and soul!

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Even a baby gets fussy when his mother is upset!


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We are not ready yet to go on Mars. I seriously doubt we went to Moon too.

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