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Eating the Sun and Heliophage

Just an update, in part because this is a page to which Google likes to send people who are looking for Oliver Morton.

Big news: Eating the Sun, my book about photosynthesis, has just been published in the UK.


You can read a little about it in this post on my other blog, Heliophage.

Heliophage is not, I fear ever going to have the sort of care and attention I gave this blog during its glory days of Beagle 2 and the Martian methane, but I do intend to keep it going with any news about the book, reviews of the book, or ideas relevant to the book that I can find time to blog about. (Since its the contention of the book that more or less everything is relevant to photosynthesis in some way or other, it's the time not the ideas that will be the limiting factor there.)

Rather pleasingly, in its first week Eating the Sun was named as one of the ten best nature books by The Independent. They didn't supply the list online, so I did so in this post (10 best nature books)

Eating the Sun is to date available only in the UK; the US edition is not expected until next year. But Amazon.co.uk, who do the best price I've seen so far, will undoubtedly ship it should anyone beyond these shores want an early copy.

On other matters. I'm still Chief News and Features Editor at Nature, and can be found now and then on Nature's Climate Feedback blog, and also very now and then on its new Great Beyond blog. I'm meant to also appear occasionally on First Drafts, the blog run by Prospect, but don't hold your breath.

As mentioned before, when I was explaining the silence on MainlyMartian, if you're a friend, associate or indeed enemy who has lost track of me, perhaps due to the interruption of my abq email address, you can reach me via gmail as oemorton, or at nature.com as o.morton.

We now return to our usual lack of programming


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