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The point is WHY do people on a low carb diet caetre a calorie deficit without consciously doing so in study after study? These studies would more correctly describe the diets as low carb/calorie unrestricted in many cases because they do not require the participants to limit their calories. The 'accidental' weight loss, by your own account is because people are eating too few calories? Why would obese people refuse calories if told to eat them?And whatever mechanism is causing them to spontaneously eat fewer calories then they need to burn may be a clue that the opposite mechanism (eating more carbs) is causing them to over eat and it is not just a character defect as the world at large seems to believe. If it isn't insulin levels being lower and, as a result, fat stores being more accessible, then what is it about removing carbs from the diet (especially sugar and refined carbs) that causes this phenomenon to happen?The point is that the calories-in/calories-out paradigm is problematic because it doesn't explain why does someone over eat and why do they move less. It also doesn't address how the body may compensate for fewer calories in with going to muscle for energy instead of fat or by slowing down metabolism.You say "In G&K it demonstrated that improved or whatever insulin had NO bearing on weight." That's not a conclusion they seemed to have reached but regardless, it did show that low carbohydrates DID have an effect on insulin levels (a conclusion which was the purpose of the study and one that you ignored). And if insulin levels have an effect on allowing people access to their fat stores and therefore allowing them to eat less without hunger (as is the phenomenon people seem to experience on a low carb diet) would that not have at least an indirect effect on weight loss? They are eating less but if they are not doing so consciously, WHY are they doing so?Your representation of the Shai study was that the mediterranean diet and low carb diet weight loss was the same after 2 years BUT the quote from the study:The mean weight loss was 2.9 kg for the low-fat group, 4.4 kg for the Mediterranean-diet group, and 4.7 kg for the low-carbohydrate group 4.7 > 4.4. Not statistically significant maybe but still a little more. Plus lipid profiles were better on the low carb for HDL, Triglycerides. The mediterranean diet was only better in lowering LDL. I also might mention that the low carb group NEVER got their carb % of energy below 40% which isn't really low carb (at 1600 calories, 40% is about 160 grams which is high for an Atkins or paleo diet). I'd also mention the low carb diet was described as a "low-carbohydrate, non restricted-calorie diet" whereas all the other diets were calorie restricted. So again WHY did they restrict calories more than the mediterranean diet and low fat diets at 6 months and 1 year and almost as much as low fat at 2 years?THAT is what I mean about cherry picking? Taubes did ignore the Mediterranean diet, sure, but you ignored all those other things that came out of this study. If it is because of calorie restriction that all diets lost weight, there still is the question that given that the low carb diet was NOT calorie restricted, why did those dieters do so? If the low fat and mediterranean people were told NOT to restrict calories, would they have eaten as little as they did? We don't know. That variable was uncontrolled.


You're overthinking thgnis, but the "why" is that protein is satiating. This has been shown over and over and over in clinical trials. The 15% protein proscription is insufficient on CRD's. I would estimate that on many of my VLC days I ate 4.4. Not statistically significant maybe but still a little more. Plus lipid profiles were better on the low carb for HDL, Triglycerides. The mediterranean diet was only better in lowering LDL. If you want to hang your hat on 0.3kg weight loss differential be my guest. The other differences were inconsequential as well. You say "In G&K it demonstrated that improved or whatever insulin had NO bearing on weight." That's not a conclusion they seemed to have reached but regardless, it did show that low carbohydrates DID have an effect on insulin levels (a conclusion which was the purpose of the study and one that you ignored).I won't be the first nor the last to look at the results of a study and focus on a different aspect of them. The changes in insulin levels were inconsequential vis a vis body weight. QED. So 75% carb diet given to obese women increased basal insulin. So? Did it make them gain? Lose? No. It had nothing to do with it (all the while the unemotional Peter somehow maintains it is determinative?).I'm not ignoring anything when I'm looking at "why diets work when they do" - that was the focus of this post and the others related to it. Not lipid markers. Not anything but whether it was calories or carbs/insulin levels that decide if a diet works. It's the calories. Not the carbs/insulin. I challenge a "friendly voice" to ask Gary this on his blog. He won't answer. If he does, it will be some sort of dismissive post that doesn't address the data.


Well LCL, they work for most - better the more obese you are to begin with it seems - but not all. And they seem to have litims in being the SOLE dietary strategy to becoming truly lean. They're safe in the relatively short run. I don't think we know either way in the long run.As to your list:1-3 may only have meaning on a "normal" diet. For example, high trigs are accompanied by high NEFA in those at high CVD risk. Is lowering the trigs thus elevating the NEFA beneficial? I don't think we know the answer. Also there are cultures w/o CVD who have high trigs. 4. Not in everyone, especially in maintenance the lower carb some go the more they see BP creep up. 5. If you eat no carbs at all I suppose but many see fasting BG's (hepatic IR) creep up and become more and more intolerant of any carbs as time goes by.6. Just the opposite in the long term once maintenance has been achieved. 7. Agreed, but back to my opening paragraph, this is not the case for all. Perhaps not even most as those for whom it doesn't work tend to move on silently.You ignore Shai yet again where diabetics were concerned and their improved health markers. If Taubes' were so good why did he refuse a cholesterol test (of his choosing) and the opportunity to explain the results?Oh ... so one can't discuss the science honestly lest we give ammo to those who insist it's a fad diet that will kill you?


I am curious Yoni how you react to sonemoe such as myself who tried the 40% carb recommendation and found myself hungry and unable to lose weight. I had the recommendation to eat about that percentage from my nutritionist. I don't remember off hand the fat and protein recommendations although they were in line with what is traditionally recommended. I tried sticking to that for 3-4 months and was successful at following the recommendation. I was exercising intensely 3 times a week, eating between 2000 and 2300 calories (what my nutritionist recommended) and lost no weight. Once I changed to go into Atkins induction, the weight came off, the hunger went away and when I did calculate what I was eating, it turned out my calorie count was in the 1800-2000 calorie range without me having to consciously control my eating. The change in composition of my diet was not an increase in protein. When I did figure out what I was eating the change was almost solely from carbohydrates to fat. So I guess my question is, when you have sonemoe such as myself who does not have success with the 40% carb recommendation, do you believe lowering that is an option if the patient finds themselves hungry and unable to lose weight?


Hey anon Well beans aren't the worst thing you can eat but there is really no need to eat them if you are eintag sufficient amounts of fruit. Just up your fruit intake/mono meals and youwon't desire beans. They are fairly high in carbs but also generally fat and protein which isn't the best. Go to cronometer.com and make sure you are keeping your ratios to around80% carbs, 10% fat, 10% protein


I have been put on a low-carb diet by my gynecologist bcseuae I am insulin resistant and have reactive hypoglycemia. I have purchased several cookbooks (including Atkins) and have found the dishes to be too fancy for my family's tastes (especially my 9-year-old stepdaughter). BACK TO PROTEIN provides quick,easy and TASTY recipes which the whole family can enjoy. I appreciate the short ingredient lists and the fact that the ingredients can be easily found in my local grocery store. We especially enjoy the ground beef and chicken recipes (mock pizzas and mock lasagna are terrific!) I also love the crock pot recipes for easy end-of-the-day meals!!I can't wait until Mrs. Doyen writes another cookbook. I'd love to have some more crock pot recipes for chicken and roast beef! Thank you for a terrific cookbook which has made it much easier to follow a low-carb diet. I feel great and it is so easy to stick with my diet when given such a wide variety of meal choices.

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