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Rupert Goodwins

You'll not be wanting a glass of this rather charming cava, then...


David Chandler

Well! Never one to shrink from a challenge, I can see that I will now have to strive to incorporate that phrase, even more than I otherwise might have, in the book that I'm now working on (which you and I have discussed), which has to do with the habitability of environments on and off Earth. If I fail to win any awards or achieve bestsellerdom, maybe at least I can console myself with eventually toppling you from your eCO2 Amazon apex, and even your Google glory!
Then again, maybe I should just make it my own and construct it a little differently: "Had we but carbon dioxide enough, and time . . ."
(PS, I wonder what this will do to the Google rankings for "Amazon apex" and "Google glory"?)

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