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Thanks! A couple of pintos, although my Intercept is from Virgin Mobile:1) The MSL scrolled off of the screen in ConnectBot, but I could enter getprop ril.MSLand it would return the one line.2) When the phone came back from the reset, GPS still wouldn't work. I was glad that I didn't brick the phone, but I was also sad because GPS was important to me. That, streaming music and text messages are the most important uses for my phone. However, I then tried cycling power, and that worked!So thank you very much for this post!Now I don't have to buy that new LG slider from VM for $200. BTW, VM has dropped the price of the Intercept to $99, this a couple of weeks after I bought mine for $150. :/ Gotta love Moore's Law.


Excellent instructions! Your post awellod me to solve my GPS problem. I got the apps and followed your directions. Now my intercept is functioning flawlessly. I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint techs. They couldn't get it done. So, I searched google for a solution online and found your forum. I read it and decided to go for it. I figured I would have to do a factory reset anyway. The process took about 2 hours to complete. Much better spent at home doing it myself than trusting a Sprint store tech to fix. Thanks, south of the Red River.Trinity River

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