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Dwayne A. Day

Certainly there are more serious cost issues to worry about. However, a little context is useful. Many people in Congress, and particularly conservatives, remember a period in the late 1980s when government money was being used directly or indirectly to fund artists that they found highly objectionable. Whenever they see a new case that has similar themes they instantly get alarmed. It is a hot button issue, but not without reason.

I'm unfamiliar with this performance artist. NASA does have a long history of supporting artwork, and the NASA art program has produced some really nice stuff over the years. There are at least a couple of books on the market devoted primarily to NASA's officially sponsored artwork. It would be a pity if the overall program got harmed because of this.


Worldwind Dev too. Well with Worldwind u can change the bidruanoes if u want at your own whim.Just import ur own Borders data and declare war :)I work on vector data support.If you can compile a politically correct boundary file I will show u how to add it(After it has put to the UN of course).

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