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Dwayne A. Day

Bruce Moomaw mentioned the site containing the presentations to the Mars roadmapping committee:


There are some interesting presentations there on things like MSL.

Jason Perry

To be honest, Vic's office is on the opposite side of campus from Alfred's. I mean, we barely even go across the street to talk to the VIMS people WRT Cassini/Titan, let alone trek the mile to Golde-Simpson.


Meanwhile, back on Mars... Opportunity is stuck in a sand dune and Express is about to see just how whippy a dipole can be. Should be a good few weeks for actual events (or, in the case of Opportunity, a distinct lack of same).

Is the Express radar really using a dipole? Would have thought that would be very inefficient indeed. Even Chain Home had a measure of directivity.



Fred Kiesche

Oliver, Jim Oberg contacted me to see if I have your e-mail address...could you contact me or contact him?

I think he's working on a story about water on Mars.

Lance Niederhaus

Very interesting article. Not directly a Mars topic, however it may be a step in the right direction to finally get people there.


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