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Charles Schmidt

While the Genesis crash threatens to degrade or obliterate the scientific viability of the grains on the collectors, one unexpected silver lining is that the impact experts get to study a fresh ejecta blanket, with full descent and entry data to boot.

Alex R. Blackwell

Space Imaging
Thornton, Colorado

September 12, 2004

Genesis Spacecraft Crash Site

Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite took this image of the crash site for Genesis space capsule September 9, 2004.

After spending 20 months in space collecting solar wind particles from the Sun, the capsule returned to Earth September 8, 2004, but not as scientists had hoped. A parachute that would have slowed the returning spacecraft enough to be captured by a team of Hollywood stunt pilots failed to open. The tumbling capsule then smashed into the Utah desert at more than 100 miles per hour. Scientists have been able to recover some of the science following the crash.

Credit: Space Imaging

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