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Thanks for the amonia awesnr.I thought it was good to workout on a nearly emptee stomach so the body would have to burn some of its own fat.I workout in a verry warm gym (in the Filipinnes)without aircon. So i started to smell even above the ebarrising level. I was afraid to even talk with someone during my workout, All because of my odor. Now i know, i wil have to eat more before my workout.Thanks also, on behave of the other people in the gym, Haha!


Thank you for finally ainwernsg that question. I have looked this up before the smell of ammonia but I have never seen it answered I even took a Nutrition and metabolism class, so I can understand the chemical/element breakdown. I was always curious bc the smell only happens occassionally. This makes sense bc I don't always eat before I run my GI tract can be sensitive. Thanks for the knowledge!


I have been diagnosed with three minor bugnlig disks. I am 48 and my doctor told me not to run ever again. I understand there are certain exercises that would correct my problem and over time I would be able to run again. Is this true? I miss running!Help!


It should still be OK. Whatever you don't use this time, you can put in your car (only if you have a nelary full tank) and mix fresh gas/oil the next time you use it. You probably have less than 3 oz. of oil in your gallon of gas, so it won't hurt your car. Hope this helps.EDIT: 2-3 oz. of oil mixed with an almost full tank of gas will not make your car smoke at all. What else are you going to do with it, pour it down the sink?


You can use pre-mix gas although its true there will be a lot of smoke and what's worst, you are ergendaning the lifespan of your engine. Not following the right specifications for the fuel mixture provides the engine a hard time to work properly causing its parts to wear in due time. This is the reason why too much smoke is exhausted by the engine. A 100% air fuel combustion is not being attained.

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