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David Whitehouse

Fascinating post Oliver and I think you are right that we should be a bit more skeptical about ammonia than methane. Next weeks COSPAR meeting may say something though I am told it will not be completely up to date. It would be very good to see some hard data. What next? Benzene? Formaldehyde has been rumoured.

Gunnar Glitscher

Hi David,

it would be very interessting to know what (if anything) exactly Mr. Formisano said about ammonia on Mars. There's a statement by ESA PR that there's no search for ammonia going on via the PFS. Thanks.


Rick L. Sterling

Please go to http://www.cosis.net/abstracts/COSPAR04/01554/COSPAR04-A-01554.pdf to read V. Formisano's 35 COSPAR July,2004 Paris Conference abstract on Mars Ammonia.

Gunnar Glitscher

Thank you, Rick, for this info. Seems that we'll hear some interessting news from Paris in the next days...

Rick L. Sterling

Regarding Mars ammonia, JPL planetary atmospheres researcher Mark Allen stated in Oct.,2001, "At present there are no known abiotic processes that would result in ammonia being present in the atmosphere without the existence of life." The URL for Mark Allen's Mars ammonia comments is http://www-mpl.sri.com/decadal/email/1024a.html

Alex R. Blackwell

Conditional signs of life on a distant planet
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