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Connie Barlow

Hey - Oliver. This is Connie Barlow. We met long ago at an Oxford Gaia conference, where I was promoting the 1992 Deep Hot Biosphere paper by Tommy Gold. Recently, I went online to see obits on Gold, and came to your excellent blog and interview. I got deeply into Gold's DHB theory in 1997, when I was recruited to serve as a ghost writer helping him write his Deep Hot Biosphere book (prior to that I played a role in getting a publisher -- my publisher, Copernicus -- to invite him to write it). Long story, but I resolved that in 50 years this book would be regarded as being as revolutionary and all-encompassing as Origin of Species. Well, with the new data on Titan, I think it is time for someone -- you??? -- to do a story that survey's Tommy's predictions. Suggested title: "Let's stop calling them fossil fuels." Would love to feed you some info on this. Besides Titan, in September DHB was vindicated by discovery that common substances on the surface of Earth, when subjected to pressure equivalent to upper mantle naturally reform into methane!!! This pressure aspect is crucial. I audiotaped Tommy for hours before beginning each chapter, and one sentence I am especially proud to have insured got in was a big speculation on his part that, under high pressure, amino acids in the presence of metal compounds would naturally reform into organometallics -- that is catalytic enzymes. As far as I know, that experiment has not yet been done. Anyway, with the September discovery and now Titan, I think it is time to take another look at Tommy Gold and his Deep Hot Biosphere. You want to take it on? P.S. I was contacted by a NOVA producer who is doing the front-end work on a TV documentary on Tommy, but I'm not sure how much DHB will get into it, as opposed to just the sexy primordial hydrocarbons angle. No longer a "surface chauvinist" - Connie

Granville E. Lovell


I am not asking for any money, just your help launching this when I prove to you that what I have is very real.

I have a discovery that will rock the world and I need your help launching this. I have discovered that this system of things we call earth and all that exist in and around it has always had a way of recording images since the beginning of time.

I can show how you can go to Stonehenge and get images of people, events that would include the building of Stonehenge and events that took place there plus things prior to Stonehenge.

I can show you how to get images that exist at the Pyramids in Egypt of people and events. How would you like to see images of these people when they were alive?

It is very easy to see that what I have is true and I have more proof than anyone would ever need .

Because of the way this works I can show you how to find out if there was ever life on a planet and even what that life looked like, and I do not have to be there to do this. I can show how to do this right now with the equipment that the mars rovers have on board. I can also show you something more that no one is aware of, People are always looking for signs of life from meteorites, I can show you things you are not aware from meteorites that will show you right now if there was life. AND MUCH MORE. From these images I can show you beautiful art that should be priceless.

I am placing this ad to get someone to see that what I have is true and show me how to get this information launched. Would you like to see images from the worlds past as well as from other planets?

Please tell me what I need to do to get you to look into my claims? What would you need me to do to convince you? I can not do nothing to prove my claims if you do not respond to my email. I can not get any scientist or archaeologist to look into my claims. I wish that you could have someone in the Zion Illinois area 60099 to take a look. I must launch this and I do not know how to get through to you. I do not have to be a scientist/archaeologist to know what I have discovered is true. I can teach most anyone how to do these things I am able to do. I have nothing to gain by making up anything.


Granville Earl Lovell

Zion Illinois 60099

Leo Enright

I finally got to transcribing FRANCOIS RAULIN's comments on the GCMS Results from the ESA briefing on 30 November. The video is at

His comments are 4min. 44sec. into the clip.

I would call this pure Gold:

"The C12 to C13 ratio - about 92 - is also about 10% smaller than the ratio on the Earth - the ratio for carbon of non-biologic origin. From that value we can estimate that methane must be continuously or episodically replenished fom the interior, and also that there is probably no active biology on Titan.However, it also suggests indirectly that there is an efficient and large non-biogenic source of methane in Titan's internal structure. And this last comment has an important return on our understanding of the properties of our own planet, because we may assume that analagous processes may have produced large amounts of methane - and there is a large resevoir of methane on the Earth - and if this is the case this opens new hopes for the search for an energy source, or natural gas, of non-biological origin on our planet."

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Lava rock

Your story was very interesting. i really appreciate it. Intermediate or andesitic lavas are lower in aluminium and silica, and usually somewhat richer in magnesium and iron. Intermediate lavas form andesite domes and block lavas, and may occur on steep composite volcanoes, such as in the Andes. Poorer in aluminium and silica than felsic lavas, and also commonly hotter (in the range of 750 to 950 °C), they tend to be less viscous. Greater temperatures tend to destroy polymerized bonds within the magma, promoting more fluid behaviour and also a greater tendency to form phenocrysts. Higher iron and magnesium tends to manifest as a darker groundmass, and also occasionally amphibole or pyroxene phenocrysts.

Lava rock

Chocolate lava rock is a mix of all colors. As the lava rock mine crosses the color differences in mining a certain color vein, the colors get all mixed together. Some times we have lava rocks in an almost purple color.the lava rock can be very black one minute and then turn to a green black color and then almost to a Grey color. Some time .you can see sashes of gold on the surface of black rocks.

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Extremely informative and thuhgot-provoking post, roads.I especially relate to your graf about thinking where the gas comes from. Here in the States, a southern/gulf hurricane in the wrong place can send prices soaring; our refineries are down there and I believe we haven't built a new one since the mid-70 s. A long time, whatever the actual year is.And I love your price comparison! I do the same when people driving gas guzzlers complain to me about the price of gas. I remind them that gallon for gallon, it's cheaper than milk, it's cheaper than orange juice, it's cheaper than any adult beverage they might enjoy. And it's certainly cheaper than bottled water.Another eight may never be found.The most sobering line of the post. Those poor families, every one, but especially those of the eight.

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