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I've just finished 'Mapping Mars' and enjoyed it immensely. The weblog has been on my menu for months now (I came here through Neil Gaiman's recommendation), and I've been enjoying that, too. So: thanks! For giving me huge headaches about the many things I don't know or can't understand :-). I can't keep all the theories and facts straight in my head, and many times just feel like Manuel from Fawlty Towers (Que? Que?), but nonetheless: thanks for making it so clear that I can at least follow about half the material.

Also, I'm happy to report that six-year olds who want to be astronauts are making a come-back. My son (who is seven, but only just) wants to be one. I blame André Kuipers, the Dutch guy who recently visited ISS and who was all over the media here for weeks. Manned space missions work!

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