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Leo Enright

Oliver, old mate, your blog is absolutely the bees knees - a must-read for anyone who's even vaguely interested in things mainly Martian. However, even Homer nods! Quite a few people who might otherwise be in Nice are elsewhere, not because we don't care about climate change but because the "Bridging the Gap" conference in on in my home town of Dublin this week (see http://www.bridgingthegap.ie). Paul Brown of The Guardian and Philip Campbell of Nature were here, for instance, along with many movers and shakers in the climate change community. However, as you know "climate change" is an oxymoron here in Ireland: it's always bloody well raining! Keep up the outstanding work - it's almost as good as being there.

Bruce Moomaw

Nice to hear from you again, Leo. As far as I'm concerned, you were one of the journalistic stars of the show during the Spirit landing and its aftermath.

William Connolley

A bit late for my comment, but your predictions were spot on: the EPICA core made all the broadsheets when the Nature paper appeared, and Eric *was* on Today (did you really predict that or cheat and add it in later?). I totally agree with your post: there should have been reporting from Nice in the UK papers; and the fact that exactly the same research is newsworthy only after being published in nature is... shameful? Bad, anyway. I'm glad the newsroom coffee was good: as an attendee at the conf, I found it pretty hard to get any coffee myself :-(

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