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This is so cool. I hope this really is a piece of Phobosite!


Red alclauty seems relaly strong right now. The format looks pretty slow except for tempered steel and Tree of Redemption and Timely Reinforcements are the only hate. Its not hard to beat Reinforcements and if Tree gets popular splashing black isn't an issue. Black also gives you access to Stensia Bloodhalls which is amazing.


+9Scenario:If you are in a desert, and you are about to pass out from dorhdyatien and you have a bottle of water, but you also have this battery that can juice up your phone to call for help, but to do so it will require all your water. Would you consume your supply of water to stay alive or would you fill up your battery to make that S.O.S. call but run the risk of becoming unconscious and dying? What would you do? What would you do?!!!

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