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marsanomalyresearch.com is a site where I have found many similar dicoveries and ideas. If this planet started to dry up and we started to experience greater harmful radiation, we would build shelters and/or go underground!


Robert -As far as Abiogenesis goes, the process must be retveially rapid. None of the the postulated environments for abiogenesis are going to remain stable for over >100k years (usually much less), so either or prebiotic chemistry is going to spiral in complexity into something living in that time, or it will be dispersed and fizzle out. The complex molecules you have to get half way there' are not stable enough to hang around for millions of years waiting for a next step.As any creationist will tell you, a random process (i.e an ocean of ammino acids and nucleotides) as effectively zero chance of ever having life emerge. They probably won't continue to go on to say that you need chemical energy gradients, Fe-S reaction centers, abiotic nucelotide synthesis, etc, etc.. which exist in marine hydrothermal systems.. and possibly other situations.

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