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I have read suggestions that the methane may be being released by methane hydrates laid down long ago in the Martian crust. Any comments on this?


HI Billy, Great to hear you are working on a coptmsoing facility. Regarding compost from yard trimmings, depending on your process and technology you should be able to inoculate any pesticides, etc from yard debris. Yard debris is an accepted feedstock in Organically certified compost. There have been a few persistent pesticides on the market such as aminopyralids, however, EPA has been working to eradicate them from the marketplace. The best way to insure a safe, consistent and high quality product is to conduct extensive testing on both feedstocks as well as finished compost. You can also check for pesticides by doing a bioassay test. Our approach has been to test like crazy in order to understand the relationship between feedstocks, process, and finished compost quality. We like having the data to drive improvement in our compost. For example from the first batch to the 4th we nearly doubled in organic context using lab data results to change our recipe. Food scraps will also help bump the nutrient content, but it is a little more difficult to process. Hope this helps. Good luck.


hey,? you may be interested in using a Bio-Regen Unit here. It innlastty converts food? waste to bio-fertilizer, which you then dilute and apply to? gardens and soil etc: search bioregenphotonics and check out our Bio-Regen unit

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