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Jay Manifold

An excellent recounting. I'll add a pointer to your post in my post, and permalink you as well.

Bruce Moomaw

Actually, the press conference said it was a favorite of Dr. Robert Burns. (I'm just relistening to my rcording of the p.c. to take detailed notes; I'm 45% through it right now.)

I'm not willing to say too much, since I'm planning an article on this for Simon and/or "Astronomy" - but I will also say that some aspects of this surprised me, but the jarosite didn't. It meshes very well with a tentative theory I already had for the origin of the hematite spheres. And with that frustrating hint, I'll leave you. (The "hint" may be totally worthless anyway, since I'm not a geologist.)

Anywy, it was damned interesting -- and more pro-biological as news than anything I had expected.

Dan McNeil

Just read your article at Prospect. Thought provoking stuff. Haven't yet decided if it's the future of space exploration I want, mind you...


Chevan Nanayakkara

Love the commentary, definitely will get a link-back from my BLOG. Great work!

Andrew Alden

Thanks for your careful notes! As someone with a geology degree, I was moved and excited by the press conference (and pissed at the funky webcast). My take on the news is here.


I mean, at http://geology.about.com/cs/mars/a/aa030804a.htm


This not being my technical field, I'm sure I missed a lot. I was interested, but I would have liked to see some educated guesses and a little more of "this isn't solid, but..." items for us more general types. Like: Do they think one water model ("lake" versus underground) might be more likely for any reason? Could they hypothisize how such an event could occur, or if they THINK it could occur BASED ON CURRENT KNOWLEDGE on these time scales?” I don’t seriously think it could be a 1000 years. Could it possibly be 10,000 with, perhaps, an impact providing warmth ? 100,000 with climate change? A million? Or is it likely in the many millions to billions? For general news consumption, it would be interesting if it was even POSSIBLE this was recent. But even for many people I know that are very interested in space, this was a pretty “dry” report.

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