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Bruce Moomaw

I attended last September's Division of planetary sciences meeting in California -- and there was one unprepossessing little poster there with an announcement that could be sheer dynamite where Mars exploration is concerned.

Michael J. Mumma of Goddard, an expert in detecting trace gases in planetary atmospheres, claimed that he has used two different ground-based IR telescopes to find very strong evidence of traces of methane in Mars' atmosphere, in amounts which must be biogenic -- and, moreover, it seems to be concentrated over one of the two near-equatorial regions found by Odyssey to be puzzlingly rich in near-surface wter. His spectra were shown on the poster, and by God there's no doubt at all about the absorption line -- it stands out like a sore thumb, and if it isn't CH4 it must be something else in exactly the right place. He also said that he's seen what may be a second CH4 absorption line, but at the time of the poster he was still trying to rule out other gases as its cause. He has just told me by E-mail that his findings seem to pan out, and he has submitted a paper on the subject to "Icarus".

Robert Clark

You're right that is a bombshell if true. There had been an earlier tentative identification of methane from another team and I had been waiting to see it confirmed but hadn't heard anything since then:

High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Mars: Recent Results and Implications for Atmospheric Evolution.
The Fifth International Conference on Mars, July 19-24, 1999, Pasadena, California, abstract no. 6016

Oliver Morton

If there's methane that can be detected from the earth then surely it will show up in the Mars Express Planetary Fourier Spectrometer data.


Much of the puzzlement over "early wet Mars" is due to the "faint young Sun" - but what if it wasn't faint? Julianna Sackmann and Arnold Boothroyd have shown that an early heavy Sun is feasible and not ruled out by current known solar interior conditions...



...in which case the Sun was brighter and also the cooling effect of cosmic-rays lower as well...


...Hence the problem is not as severe as previously imagined. Maybe.



the earth there are the caverns


is not possible that:
Mars are the caverns with the water
and finally " LIFE " ?

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Dr. Bea has not given that assessment, it was qotued in the Report.His statement: A small bubble becomes a really big bubble, Bea said. So the expanding bubble becomes like a cannon shooting the gas into your face. That is his description of a gas blow-out not necessarily this one.Dr Bea is Not on this investigation team yet.


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