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Fred Kiesche

I've added your blog to my big list of links and put a posting up about it. Great stuff, I thought that "Mapping Mars" was the best piece of non-fiction I read in 2003.

Did you see "60 Minutes" tonight? Andy Rooney really blew it. After praising space exploration, then saying we needed to concentrate on Earth, he indicated that he thought a manned mission to mars would be one-way.


Well it seems some scientist out there said that the gravity of Mars was so much that you wouldn't be able to carry enough fuel to do a liftoff once you've landed.


Dr. K

Great site, Mr. Morton. Keep up the good work. Here's a link for you and your readers who are curious for more!

For news, status, updates, scientific info, images, video, and more, check out:

(AXCH) 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers - News, Status, Technical Info, History.

Thomas McGee

You have a very nice blog here. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I have posted a crop of the panorama from the Opportunity landing site. The link to the image can be found in the URL field below. The image shows an object that is casting a shadow, from the angle it was taken it looks pretty symetrical, it is clearly not a rock. It appears in images taken on Sol 2 and is not present in subsequent images taken of the same spot. I'm sure it's part of an airbag, or maybe it's from the explosive bolts that were fired to release the rover. I was hoping for a reasonable explanation from someone familiar with the project before the crackpots get hold of the images. I hope that you don't mind a question of this type.
Thank you,

Oliver Morton

Don't mind the question -- but I don't have an answer...


niet over de heilige maagd Maria, de oneltebkve moeder van t kindeke Jezus, maar over Santa Maria, de krater op Mars waara0de Opportunity onlangs arriveerde. Dede krater is door deze Marsrover in drie dimensies gefotografeerd. Pak dus je rood-groene 3D

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