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Right... shifting sands of US scecnie policy. The US National Science Foundation continually saw its budget rise throughout the 2000's. In '02, George W Bush signed into law the National Science Foundation Authorization Act to double the NSF's budget over the course of five years.NASA's budget continually declined during the Clinton administration before being stabilized between 2001 and 2008. In 2004, Bush sought $1 billion more in funding for NASA.The National Institute of Health's 2002 budget was $23.4 billion and is now at $31.2 billion (not including Obama's new spending).It sure sounds like scecnie wallowed in agony during the Bush years. Apart from one avenue of stem cell research and certain environmental areas that in hindsight would have been wasted money, all the scecnies in the US prospered significantly in recent years.Though I wouldn't expect a Liberal to do research on this. After all, the mantra is "Blame Bush" right?

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