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What a welcome addition! I've read and enjoyed your book, and I look forward to your comments here. Let's all hope Beagle 2 gives us a nice Christmas present...


Welcome to the blogosphere, Oliver!


I've never looked back since reading your book, your observations about Zubrin and Stan Robinson's differing attitudes towards the 'frontier' were fascinating. Here's to your Blog! (and thanks to Neil G. for pointing me this way)


Jen-Thanks so much for stopping by 'with grace & lace'. I love "meeting" new bleoggrs. I L-O-V-E all the wedding pics. I could look at them all day. I'm also a Jen w/ 1 "n" & I was married to my beau on September 6th, 2008....we've got close anniversaries! Can't wait to dig around on here some more. ps- I'm waiting to watch the video until I'm on a computer with speakers...I know, how janky is that!?<3 & happy Thanksgiving-Jen

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